Obtaining Pre-Treatment Sandblasting for Items Produced in Brisbane

Throughout the manufacturing process, quality control must play a large part in the considerations surrounding the job at every step. Not only is this essential to ensuring that each steel part or product you produce exhibits the consistency necessary for proper function, but it is an investment into the satisfaction of your customers, too. Delivering reliable quality on order after order allows you to establish a positive reputation that will in turn pay dividends later. For this reason, stringent quality control and a focus on high-value results should remain in place even after the fabrication process concludes. A lapse in the finishing process can impact the hard work that came before.

You know that one cannot simply paint without preparation, of course — it takes time to make things properly ready for the paint shop. Often, choosing a provider for sandblasting near Ipswich or Logan is the first step in this part of production before they can move on to painting or powder coating. Why split projects between different locations, though, when you could save time and effort with an industrial paint shop equipped to handle these requirements? At Advance Sprayers, we not only offer sandblasting for Logan clients but a rapid turnaround for the application of protective coatings, too.

A straightforward, professional option for sandblasting in Brisbane

Sandblasting rapidly purges surface impurities and imperfections on steel objects, leaving behind a surface primed to accept the maximum amount of powder. However, time is an important consideration, as it’s important not to allow a sandblasted surface the time to re-develop corrosion. Australian Standards stipulate that no more than four hours may elapse between pre-treatment and painting. At Advance Sprayers, our fully equipped facilities enable us to achieve this turnaround reliably on every job.

Two sandblasting rooms enable our team to quickly conduct the entire sandblasting process before transporting them to one of our painting rooms. For highly sensitive spray painting jobs, we use a clean room to eliminate unnecessary dust. For the completion of powder coating jobs, we use one of two long ovens, able to accommodate large numbers of smaller objects or bulky steel fabrications up to 7.5 metres in length. Overall, our facilities feature the versatility necessary to meet the demands of modern industrial paint jobs.

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Since 1990, Advance Sprayers has made this essential service available to a wide range of industrial and commercial partners. A list of our clients reveals our ability to service jobs both large and small with equal levels of success in quality and appearance. From state of the art facilities for sandblasting in Brisbane to a proven, standards-compliant process for powder coating and spray painting, services provided by Advance Sprayers can be an essential part of your production process. The results speak for themselves: clear, vibrant colours and a long-lasting protective coating that gives your finished products the look they need. Say hello to our team today to begin a constructive dialogue on how we can help; view our contact details now.