Advantages of Powder Coating Wheels, Rims & Other Car Parts

Advance Sprayers have over 28 years of experience providing high-quality powder coating of car parts in Brisbane. We are your full-service spray coating team because we have the capabilities to use powder or spray paint coats for your items. Each process has their advantages and disadvantages, and our helpful and knowledgeable staff can advise which is the best procedure for your needs.

Spray Painting Versus Powder Coating

Spraying powder coating is a more efficient process than spraying wet paint. Much of the product adheres to the surface while wet paint will have a little loss from evaporation and over spraying. The powder coating that is over sprayed is a solid and can be collected to be reused to minimise waste.

Even though safety precautions should be taken with both methods, the health hazards to powder coating are less than liquid paint because the product is an inert solid. It doesn’t contain the toxic solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that liquid paint contains.

Powder coating creates a coating thickness about twice as thick as liquid paint, and it is more durable. It can withstand the flexing and vibrations of the surfaces on which it is applied making it the ideal solution for vehicles. We offer a range of spray paint finishes to increase its durability as well.

Equipment and items that are powder coated can be utilised immediately after the application process while liquid paint can take several days to dry completely. It allows your company less downtime while waiting for your equipment to be usable after servicing.

Powder Coating Car Parts in Brisbane

If you require a spray coating for your car parts, we recommend powder coating in Brisbane because it creates a thicker and more durable surface than spray paint. Cars are mostly made of steel and aluminium, and we provide superior pre-treatment for both metals.

If you want powder coating on your rims in Brisbane, we use a chromatic pre-treatment which uses a chemical reaction to produce a protective layer. Sandblasting prepares the surface for powder coating wheels or other parts in Brisbane. It also creates a surface free of rust and old paint ensuring that the coating adheres and gives a smooth surface. If you have any residential, commercial, or industrial needs for high-quality spray coatings contact Advance Sprayers.