Quality Chromate Pre-Treatment and Industrial Powder Coating

If you have equipment that requires a durable, high-quality coating Advance Sprayers offers industrial powder coating in Queensland. Our process starts with pre-treating the material to ensure a smooth and resilient adherence. We have a variety of methods to cater the pre-treatment to the type of metal. For example, we use a chromate pre-treatment for aluminium surfaces.

We first clean the aluminium which removes the grease, dirt, and aluminium oxide and exposes the metal so it can react with the chromate solution. When the chromate solution is added to the surface of the aluminium it chemically reacts to form a film that is electrically neutral and resistant to corrosion.

The chromate treatment prevents corrosion before and after the powder coating process. Having a resistant surface under the powder coating increases the longevity of the coating. It also allows the overlay to better adhere to the surface.

Industrial powder coating in Queensland is widely considered to be the most effective method of painting and protecting aluminium. It produces a thicker layer without the dripping and running that can occur with other painting methods. Because powder coating uses virtually no VOCs, it is better for environmental and human health.

If you have needs for professional powder coating in South East Queensland contact Advance Sprayers. We can do the pre-treatment and the coating under one roof so we can easily coat within 4 hours after pre-treatment to meet the regulations set by the Australian Standards.