Sand Blasting Steel Before Industrial Powder Coating in Ipswich

Advance Sprayers understand that a quality industrial powder coating in Ipswich starts with an effective pre-treatment. We provide pre-treatment and coating under one roof so we can meet the 4-hour requirement set by the Australian Standards. The standard states that the powder coating must occur within 4 hours of the pre-treatment. Different substrates require different methods, and we use sandblasting to pre-treat steel.

Sandblasting is a mechanical cleaning method that removes dirt, previous coatings, black scale, and rust as well as smooths the surface by removing scratches. It prepares the surface by creating a surface area to which the coating can adhere without contaminates in between the steel and outside layer. If rust is caught between the steel and coating, it will cause the overlay to fail.

The powder coating must be done quickly after the sandblasting treatment because steel will oxidise when exposed to oxygen. The sandblasting removes any dirt, old paint, and rust that covers the surface to prevent oxidation and once it’s removed, the exposed steel will begin to erode quickly.

If you need industrial powder coating in Ipswich contact Advance Sprayers. We have over 28 years of experience in the industry, therefore you can be confident in us to provide you with reliable and fast turnaround time. We can handle all sized jobs, and no job is too big or small. What’s more, we offer pick-up and delivery of your items and equipment that need spray coating.