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The logistics of a successful production run involve more than simply executing the design to the proper specifications on time and within budget. At times, you may need to turn to outside assistance to cap off the process or to contribute a valuable service you cannot provide for in-house. For many manufacturers and fabricators, that means facing a need for contracting with trustworthy industrial painters near Logan. As you may not have the booths and ovens necessary to conduct painting or powder coating operations of your own, where should you turn for this critical service instead? At Advance Sprayers, we offer our clients the opportunity to use our wealth of experience in determining how to best complete their products.

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The number one factor in our success: experience developed from time and hands-on work. Founded in 1990, Advance Sprayers counts among its team members numerous individuals with decades of experience, including our senior powder coater and painter, Mark Murphy. He allows us to understand how to approach even difficult projects, such as those that require different combinations of finishes or which use multiple materials. Our expansive facility also allows us to process large jobs and orders that occur on a continuing basis. Whether you need help from commercial painting companies near Logan on an as-needed or an ongoing basis, we tailor our Dulux-accredited services to match your requirements and back them up with solid warranties. There is also no need to arrange for separate pre-treatment before transport to our facility. With five chromating tanks and two sandblasting rooms, we cleanse and prepare the metals on-site and immediately move them to the finishing process.

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At Advance Sprayers, understanding what our clients expect from their finished products is a core function of our business. No matter the specifications you have, be it a need for powder-coating many bulky objects or a tight turnaround time to meet a deadline, we can work to accommodate your needs. Our experienced team has encountered many situations over our many years in operation, enabling us to identify and execute solutions that other industrial painting companies around Logan could miss. For assistance in meeting your production targets and putting out a high-quality finished product, learn more about our commercial painting services for Logan businesses. Contact the team today to begin.

How the Industrial Powder Coating Process Works in Logan

Industrial powder coating in Logan provides a decorative, protective, and durable finish to metal and other surfaces. Advance Sprayers have been providing spray coatings for over 28 years, and many of our senior team members have been with the company for over a quarter of a century. We are a Dulux accredited powder coater which means our services come with Dulux warranties.

Firstly, the surface is sandblasted or undergoes a chromate pre-treatment to clean and prepare it. The powder coating is a mixture of colour pigments, resins, and other ingredients which are ground to a fine powder. We use a sprayer to apply the powder, and it receives an electrostatic charge as it passes through the spray gun. The charged powder then sticks to the grounded metal substrate that is receiving the treatment. After the dusting of powder, the metal item is put into a curing oven where the powder undergoes a chemical change to form long polymer chains that are strong and protective.

Powder coating is so versatile you can find it on household items as well as heavy construction and manufacturing equipment. The overlay protects against impacts, chemical and UV exposure, and moisture. It is less likely than other coating methods to chip, scratch, fade, or flake.

If you need industrial powder coating in Logan contact Advance Sprayers and our experienced team can discuss your needs and determine the best course of action. We also provide liquid spray painting so we can handle all your coating needs under one roof to limit your downtime.